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We provide a variety of interpretation and translation services to support Anangu people speaking Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara, as well as cultural advisory and cultural aware programs – all in a culturally appropriate manner.

Welcome to APY Interpreting & Cultural Advisory, run by Adelaide-based NAATI national certified interpreter and certified translator Alan Gunter -Anangu name, Mindi Nyangu.

APY is the acronym for Anangu, Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara.

APY Interpreting & Cultural Advisory provide interpreting, translating and cultural awareness services and programs tailored to meet the needs of services that are working with Anangu people, such as:

APY Interpreting & Cultural Advisory understands language is essential to the wellbeing, culture and identity of Aboriginal people. Language also plays an important role in maintaining the strength of Indigenous communities.

Servicing metropolitan, regional and remote areas of South Australia, Interpreting & Cultural Advisory Services ensures Indigenous people can engage with government and have equal access to government services and opportunities – no matter where they are.

With the help of an interpreter, sound decisions can be made, obligations and responsibilities understood and most importantly, trust and understanding is built.

With 13 years experience in justice and legal interpreting, Anangu servicing, and social and legal advocacy services, APY Interpreting & Cultural Advisory is Adelaide’s favoured interpreter and translator service for the Anangu communities.

Give Interpreting & Cultural Advisory a call today on (08) 8377 5497 if you need them to:

Make sure everything is communicated in both languages.

Participate in an effective two way engagement between government and non English speaking person.

Keep the message the same, without adding or taking away anything.

Work collaboratively with key stakeholders, courts and justice systems.

We enable progress while being culturally appropriate
through understanding.


Interpreting & Cultural Advisory provide a variety of interpretation and translation services, as well as cultural advisory and cultural aware programs – all in an culturally appropriate manner. This includes: 

  • Interpretation and translation services
  • Interpreting Accreditation
  • Employment
  • Cultural Advisory Services
  • Cultural Awareness Programs

Experience the difference Interpreting & Cultural Advisory can make today.

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