APY Interpreting & Cultural Advisory provides a range of culturally appropriate services including:

  • Interpreting Services – delivered face to face, or via phone or Skype/video conferencing.
  • Translating Services – delivered in person, or via phone or email
  • Assisting Anangu people to gain interpreting accreditation (in partnership with NAATI).
  • Providing employment to Anangu people via accreditation and contract (in partnership with Workskil).
  • Cultural Advisory Services – work with agencies to improve and enhance the way in which they work with Anangu people. This also includes working with service providers to review and examine their laws, Acts, legislation, processes and policies in comparison to Anangu Lore (including morals, values, different views and perspectives).
  • Cultural Aware programs – support and educate service and agency staff in becoming more culturally competent in their line of work, along with assisting their daily interactions with Anangu clients to allow better outcomes.

Experience the difference of Interpreting & Cultural Advisory today.

We enable progress while being culturally appropriate
through understanding.

Give Interpreting & Cultural Advisory a call today on (08) 8377 5497 if you need them to:

Make sure everything is communicated in both languages.

Participate in an effective two way engagement between government and non English speaking person.

Keep the message the same, without adding or taking away anything.

Work collaboratively with key stakeholders, courts and justice systems.

Experience the difference Interpreting & Cultural Advisory can make today.

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